Government Mind Control Program exposed!

January 14, 2022 ·

Project MKULTRA was a mind control research operation carried out in the United States (as well as other countries like Canada) by the CIA. MKULTRA conducted many different illegal experiments on US and Canadian patients without them knowing exactly what was being done or why. Many of the experiments were so bad that much of the experimentation was done in Canada and other foreign countries to escape United States jurisdiction. The project started in 1950 and lasted until around 1973.

Experiments conducted on unwitting humans and children included things like: torture, verbal and sexual abuse, electrical and chemical shock, the effects of stress on humans, interrogation techniques, subsonic and vibrational disorientation, drugs, radiation, genetic research, brainwashing, the use of prostitutes by agents, gases and poisons.

After World War II ended, the cold war began almost immediately after. The United States became increasingly suspicious of communism in the Eastern hemisphere. In addition, the CIA suspected Russia was contributing to scenarios such as American prisoners of war in North Korea making Anti-American statements on video or the highest ranking catholic priest mechanically admit to crimes that he wasn’t guilty of in Hungary through mind control techniques. Not wanting to fall victim, the CIA began running their own experiments.

One of the projects designed to replicate what they were seeing in the world was MKULTRA. MK meant that it was being ran by the CIA’s technical Services Staff and Ultra stood for the fact that it was the highest level of security. However, there were also many similar projects that never got as much attention like project ARTICHOKE, which studied hypnosis, and Project CHATTER. Project CHATTER was ran by the Navy from 1947 to 1953, which is when MKULTRA took over.

While this conspiracy theory appears to have no foundation, there are a couple of real examples where this sort of research took place. One example of the actual tests that were ran occurred at the McGill University by Dr. Donald Cameron, who had a licensed granted by the CIA. He took in patients who had minor psychiatric problems and made them undergo harsh treatments like electroshock therapy and were even given illegal and experimental drugs including LSD.  Some reports say the people left with disabilities that would last forever.

The Addiction Research Center at the Public Health Service Hospital in Lexington, KY was also on the CIA’s payroll and ran tests. Harris Isbell got people who came in to be treated for drug addictions. He gave them extreme doses of LSD, heroin, shrooms, and methamphetamine. For one experiment, he gave 7 patients LSD for 77 days straight.

The program was eventually killed and the CIA destroyed many of the documents because of the secrecy and ethical violations, but some documents have showed up and were declassified. In the end, nothing was ever discovered from MKULTRA and mind control was never accomplished…or so we’ve been told.

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