Experts agree. The Ancient Egyptians Could Not Have Built the Great Pyramids!

January 14, 2022 ·

The explanation of the construction of the Pyramids has always been straightforward. It is commonly assumed they were built with a combination of elephants, people hemp ropes, long ramps and logs. But experts today are having doubts about the conventional explanation. The timelines, using people, and animals, the infrastructure and economics do not seem realistic to them.

In their search for a plausible process, it is noted that there is no modern machine capable of lifting the pyramid building blocks in to place. Even with gigantic cranes capable of lifting 50,000 pounds, one could not accomplish the feat. But let’s assume there were a machine or crane that could do it. The ability to construct that machine, get it on location and execute the maneuvers and have it capable of lifting the rocks, fueling the machine and having the infrastructure to refine and supply that fuel. All of this leaves many wondering how it was done. One thing for sure, we know the ancient Egyptians did not have the technology to build these monuments only to lose that technology with no records of how it was done.

Other issues concern the hieroglyphics and finishing touches. There is no way to get light into the pyramids. Mirrors and torches have been tried, but the light dissipates too much with mirrors after two turns. Torches do not have enough oxygen to breathe in the corridors, so they go out as well. So having the ability to reproduce hieroglyphics in dark areas of the pyramid is puzzling.

There are various theories having to do with herbs that can make rock pliable, aliens did it, and a theory that says sound technology was used to move the rocks. With all of the hieroglyphics, not one mention of the pyramids or how they were built. Many feel if Egyptians built the Pyramids, this would be the case.

Whatever they may be, however they may have come to be, and whatever other secrets they may hold, the Great Pyramids of Giza continue to capture the imagination even thousands of years after their creation.

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