Chemtrails are Making us Sick!

January 19, 2022 ·

Have you been sick and gone to the doctor and he can’t find a cause? Your sinuses are killing you. Your nose is stuffy. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed. All the symptoms of what educated doctors are calling “chemtrail flu.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, America’s most controversial medical authority over the last decade, says, “It’s not the flu. It’s a conspiracy.” His opinion is not based on conspiracy theory but on conspiracy “fact.”  He charges that “elements of the United States government” are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick. He points to the volume of pharmaceutical commercials on the nightly news shows as evidence.

He continues, “Mainstream media is reporting that hospital emergency rooms are jammed with patients suffering from “a bizarre upper respiratory infection” that doesn’t quite seem like a virus. They’re reporting that it’s a “mystery” flu and that the flu vaccines are completely ineffective against it.”

Dr. Horowitz says, “The fact of the matter is, we have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999. People have been hacking and coughing with this bizarre illness that does not seem to follow any logical viral or bacterial onset and transition period.”

“If it was really a “bacterial or a viral infection,” it would cause a fever, but it doesn’t. It lasts for weeks, sometimes months,” Horowitz contends.

He goes on to point out Sinus pressure and congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People just feel “off” and know that something’s just not right in them. When you examine who owns the fuel, whom the fuel company directors are, it becomes very clear, the Rockefeller family and the royal families – (Standard Oil and British Petroleum.)”

“These are the banksters, the same people who run the blood banking as well as the money banking industries,” according to Dr. Horowitz. Are these really the ones responsible for spraying these aerosols and geoengineering chemtrails on our world?

“If you’re wondering if the elite pay people to “debunk” or try and convince people that there is no such thing as “chemtrails” or geoengineering chemtrails, you’re absolutely right. The more people that attach “conspiracy theory” to them, the more they can continue their nefarious operations without bringing the public to seeing the reality of them.

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