Breaking News: Chip Discovered in Human Blood

March 2, 2022 ·

A recently leaked video seems to show the discovery of a microchip in human blood. Although the source and authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed, this is a chilling thought. Those that have discussed concerns that governments or large corporations were attempting to collect information on humans using the vaccine as a delivery method, have been labeled conspiracy theorists. Our efforts to verify what lab this video was taken in have not been successful. The video seems to suggest many patients are arriving in emergency rooms displaying similar symptoms. Repeated attempts to get comments from the CDC and HHS officials have gone unanswered. See Video Read more.

The Fix is in!

March 1, 2022 ·

When the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell kicked off on November 29th, there was immediate cause for concern: one of the lead prosecutors is the daughter of former FBI Director James Comey and the presiding judge in the case just so happened to have secured a nomination from Biden to the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals less than two weeks earlier. Maxwell’s trial is taking place in federal court, there will be no broadcasts of the trial for anyone to… Read more.

Man Travels From 1876 To 1950s Time Square And Dies After Getting Hit By A Car!

January 29, 2022 ·

According to the witnesses, a man dressed in Victorian fashion appeared in Times Square in New York in 1950 out of nowhere. No one paid more attention until he crossed the avenue a few minutes later and was hit by a car. The officers who found the body checked it to identify it, but what they found seemed to make no sense: a small metal token for a beer, where the name of a place was written that nobody, not… Read more.

Area 51 Exposed

January 20, 2022 ·

The US Government had no comment when asked about the live streaming footage which seemed to show top secret US Military files related to aliens that were captured during and after the widely publicized Roswell, NM UFO crash site. For years the US military, CIA,and other agencies have discounted eye witness testimony and redacted any officially released document, thus rendering an incomplete understanding of what really may have happened. In the live streaming footage, several individuals wearing ski masks are… Read more.

Lochness Monster Centuries Old!

January 19, 2022 ·

For 1500 years, the story of the strange beast that roams the waters of Loch Ness has driven curiosity in the minds of folks for generations. And despite the vast reports, scientists have failed to settle the debate about one of Scotland’s most beloved creatures. When the Romans first came to northern Scotland in the first century A.D., they found the Highlands occupied by fierce, tattoo-covered tribes they called the Picts, or painted people. All the animals depicted on the… Read more.

Shakespeare was actually Sir Francis Bacon!

January 17, 2022 ·

William Shakespeare, one of the world's greatest English writers of all time, is an enigma when it comes to who he really was. There is very little history about Shakespeare and what we do know is that the schools he went to were very low level and he had a disregard for study. There is nothing known about the life of Shakespeare that would justify the high level writings that are attributed to him. Therefore, many people believe that the… Read more.

Eisenhower Signs Treaty with Grey Aliens!

January 16, 2022 ·

In 1954 President Eisenhower is said to have been involved in meetings with Extraterrestrials. Originally in 1953 Astronomers had made contact with a race of aliens. During this time another group of human looking aliens made contact with the United States and warned about the previous group of aliens. They offered to help us with our spiritual development and growth and requested for the United States to disarm and destroy its nuclear weapons. This request was met with extreme suspicion… Read more.

Secret Treaty from 800 Years ago Still in Place?

January 16, 2022 ·

The Treaty of 1213 is a treaty that was created between King John of England and Pope Innocent III on October 3, 1213. This treaty assigned all the land of England over to the Pope, who as the Vicar of Christ, claimed dominion over the whole world. This treaty essentially made the Vatican the owner of the world while the English Crown became the executive governing body. Many people still believe that this is a legitimate treaty that is still… Read more.

America’s Stone Henge discovered in Georgia!

Without a doubt, there is no bigger megalithic contribution to modern conspiracies than the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. Sometimes referred to as an "American Stonehenge, the monument is 19 feet 3 inches (5.87 m) tall, made from six granite slabs weighing 237,746 pounds (107,840 kg) in all. The following guidelines are inscribed in eight different languages (English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian), one language… Read more.

Government Mind Control Program exposed!

Project MKULTRA was a mind control research operation carried out in the United States (as well as other countries like Canada) by the CIA. MKULTRA conducted many different illegal experiments on US and Canadian patients without them knowing exactly what was being done or why. Many of the experiments were so bad that much of the experimentation was done in Canada and other foreign countries to escape United States jurisdiction. The project started in 1950 and lasted until around 1973.… Read more.

Experts prove Sphynx thousands of years older than the Great Pyramids!

January 14, 2022 ·

Not far off from the Great Pyramids of Giza is the Sphynx. The head of a man and body of a lion, the sphynx was thought to have stood as a guard to the great pyramids. History books have commonly taught that the pyramids and sphynx were built by the ancient Egyptians 3,000 years ago. But that changed when a man named John Anthony West noticed the wear patterns on the Sphynx rock were dramatically different than the wear patterns… Read more.